About MyAbilities

MyAbilities, the industry leader in human asset management, is disrupting the employer and disability management industries with its ground-breaking new software platform.

Through its proprietary SaaS technology solutions, MyAbilities is transforming how employers quantify and communicate the functional requirements of their workforce, hire and train the right employees, keep their workers safe and effectively manage their injuries.

Insurance companies, third party administrators and treating clinicians gain critical, real-time information to inform their claims management processes, transforming their ability to effectively and efficiently manage employee disability – resulting in best-in-class outcomes for workers’ compensation, short and long-term disability and auto claims.

It is time to bring technology to these critical areas – it is time to disrupt the management of human assets. And MyAbilities is doing it – today. It’s a game changer.

Our Executive Team

Reed Hanoun

President & Chief Executive Officer

Jacob Lazarovic, MD, FAAFP

Chief Medical Officer

Alex Kaziuka

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Sonne, PhD, CCPE

VP Innovations and Research

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