A fresh approach to conducting job analysis.

Leverage AI to flag and resolve ergonomic risk. Access pre-defined Digital Job Profiles for 50,000 unique job titles – Search for one job at a time, or build out a comprehensive job library.

Enhanced Hiring

Hire the best fit applicants.

  • Quantify, validate, and defend hiring decisions.
  • Reduce recruitment costs and turnover.
  • Ensure new hires meet the demands of work and reduce work injury exposure.

Safety Training

Assess employee performance.

  • AI-analyzed videos help educate workers, identify higher-risk techniques, and open up dialogue about solutions before an injury occurs.
  • Increase productivity through employee safety and injury prevention.
  • Track performance over time to ensure workers are fit for duty.


Awareness & safety mindset.

  • Our body avatar highlights high-risk body areas.
  • Profiles are shared with wellness/fitness teams to develop appropriate fit-for-duty strategies.
  • For office staff, Rapid Office Strain Assessment (ROSA) is completed on their own time and guides them through adjustments to reduce risk.


Profile enterprise risk.

  • See an enterprise view of risk across all departments
  • Resolve risk exposure by individual tasks, functions, and jobs
  • Enhance training and safety with proper job responsibility documentation.

Return to Work

Support Stay-at-Work and Return-to-Work.

  • Provide claims teams with Return-to-Work profiles to best manage illness/injury claims.
  • Address psychosocial issues that may hinder return to work.
  • Provide healthcare teams with Digital Job Data to support their clinical decisions.

Expedite the Return to Work Today with MyAbilities.