Get All the Right People In All the Right Jobs

Introducing MyAbilities JobX: A New Job Data Automation Program

Growing top-line revenue may be tough these days but safeguarding your employees and running a low-cost, high-performance workforce just got easier.

Look to MyAbilities JobX to:

Increase workplace productivity.

Improve employee on-the-job performance.

Dramatically reduce workers’ compensation and disability costs.

Tap into our AI-powered technology to maximize cost-effective injury prevention… and expedite a safe return to work with foresight, speed and confidence.

Our digital platform gives you a clear window into your workforce injury risk exposure wherever you are.

Simply log-in to get a real-time enterprise view of your job data​. That means improved decision-making, better cost control and a giant leap forward in injury risk mitigation.

Digitized and actionable job data at your fingertips

In the past, job analysis has been a time-consuming, document-heavy and a costly process. Until now.

Fast and fully digitized job analysis is now available through the JobX digital platform. As the world’s first digital job database, JobX provides more than 50,000 customizable job titles and a host of cost-saving and efficiency benefits to ensure your company a smooth transition to the “new normal”.

With JobX, your organization will be able to:

Job analysis has entered the digital age … and is now ready to transform the way you manage a productive and high-performance workforce.

Digitize your job data now

And unleash a safer, more efficient return to work now.

Our low cost, easy-to-integrate platform allows you to instantly create a customized job bank, tailored to your unique workforce. You will already have 50,000 unique job profiles to work with.

Boost Employee Performance. Decrease Costs. Digitize your Job Intelligence… All for a low monthly subscription fee.

Here's how it works:

Digitize your existing job descriptions quickly and easily with JobX team support. We schedule and facilitate all activities.

Audit each digitized job profile, flagging ergonomic risks.

Augment your job profiles with video, photo, records, meeting minutes, ergonomic data and analysis in each JDA file.

Share relevant data with authorized health and vocational providers to expedite the return to work after injury – and mitigate unnecessary workers’ compensation or disability costs.

Empower your employee screening, hiring and training programs with always current and fully defensible data.

No big cost, time commitment, or learning curve

MyAbilities delivers software and services directly to you – or trains your internal HR leaders, Ergonomists, health and safety teams on our easy, intuitive system – all for a low monthly fee.

Ready to take control of your data … and manage your job analysis with ease?

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