JOBX Digital Job Profiles

Create customized and dynamic Digital Job Profiles and automate the traditional method of conducting Physical Demands Analysis.


Identify and train the right employees for the job.

Injury Prevention

Ensure job safety while reducing injuries.


Prioritize proactive ergonomics interventions.

Return to Work

Expedite the return to work of ill or injured employees.


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No need to start a PDA from scratch, use one of our templates.

The MyAbilities Digital Job Profiling system provides a comprehensive database of physical, cognitive, and environmental demands specific to over 30,000 jobs spanning nearly every industry. Start from one of our Job Profiles, then customize it to accurately reflect the level of detail you need. We make customizing even easier by providing suggestions for functions, tasks, tools, and protective equipment.

Compare job demands to other jobs in the industry and company.

The unique MyAbilities Demand Score, associated with each Digital Job Profile, helps you understand, at-a-glance, the relative intensity of the demands of each job with comparison to other jobs.

Customize your Digital Job Profiles.

If you can’t find the job you’re looking for in the MyAbilities database – that’s no problem. MyAbilities allows you to customize Digital Job Profiles with the amount of data your organization requires to solve your job profiling needs.

Physical Demands

Choose from a list of physical demands to add to the Job Profile, and enter in high level or specific details for each demand.

Functions and Tasks

The MyAbilities Job Profile breaks the physical demands of a job down into the function and task level – giving unparallelled accuracy to your PDAs.

Images and Video

Insert videos and pictures for each task and share them with health care providers, ensuring they are getting the correct information on the duties for that job.

Cognitive, Psychological and Environmental

Add any cognitive, psychological, or environmental demands related to the job. Include as little or as much detail as you want.

Creating a Digital Job Profile with MyAbilities

Step 1:
Search the MyAbilities database of over 30,000 jobs across every industry.

Step 2:
Customize the job profile, if necessary, to match the unique demands of your company.

Step 3:
Share your Digital Job Profile, securely, within your company, with payers, and health providers.

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