JobX – Digital Job Profiles

A must-have for employers to support Return-to-Work, injury prevention, candidate selection, and health and safety practices.

Every employer needs accurate Job Analyses, yet few have them.

The reality is, they cost too much, get out of date quickly, and are disruptive when completed by third parties. By leveraging JobX Digital Job Profiles (DJPs), employers can transform & automate how a comprehensive Job Analysis is completed and maintained in a fast, accurate, and cost-effective way.

No hardware. No tracking devices.

JobX is a cloud-based application designed to assess, prevent and resolve workplace injury at scale.

Access Job X to:

Monitor Return-to-Work Progress with a Clear Digital Dashboard

The RTW dashboard clearly shows the claims team the stages of return to work. Any of the steps in the process that fall behind are highlighted and flagged for immediate action. Automated reminders can be sent to stakeholders to complete the requested step, and claim supervisors monitor individual claims helping them guide each staff member individually.

Access an Online Digital Job Bank

The first step is selecting an actionable JobX Digital Job Profile from our industry-spanning, 50,000+ job title database. Claims managers can easily lookup and customize an injured worker’s job or share with the employer for customization and approval. From there, the detailed Digital Job Profile is shared with various stakeholders, including physicians, nurses, therapists, etc. to support return-to-work efforts in a standardized and visual way.

Establish Causation

Determine compensability in an objective manner with our detailed causation analysis tool that identifies evidence-based occupational and non-occupational factors. Objectivity is the key here, with an automated scorecard aggregating all the relevant factors and their relative strength that allows for defensible, fact-based decisions.

Flag Psychosocial Issues

A psychosocial analysis identifies other factors that can impact an employee’s return to work and guide additional interventions that may be required.

Identify Abilities

A Functional Abilities Evaluation questionnaire is shared with the treatment/medical team to answer questions specifically related to the capacity of the injured worker. The results are immediately communicated back to the claims handler, displaying work capacity in real time and stimulating RTW discussions and job accommodations.

Match Employee to The Ideal Job

Once restrictions or limitations are defined by the Abilities Assessment, the value of a digitized, centralized view of the job bank comes to life. The system immediately identifies the job match, or highlights areas of the job that may require modification to enable return to modified work. Additionally, when an employer has an existing job bank, more jobs can be searched to find a better match. This helps speed RTW to the own job, a modified version of it, or another identified role.

How everyone benefits: