19 Apr

Welcome to MyAbilities! My name is Mike Sonne, and I am the Vice President of Innovations and Research. I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of MyAbilities, and develop new, well-researched ergonomics tools, that will make workers lives better.

I have worked in ergonomics for the past 10 years, where I completed doctoral research on automotive manufacturing ergonomics, and a masters thesis on developing developed the Rapid Office Strain Assessment. After nearly 2 years of engineering, the MyAbilities team is excited to be bringing you our platform’s first offering – the digital job profiling and physical demands analysis tool. Every ergonomist probably started their career conducting physical demands analyses – the process of meticulously detailing every demand of a job. With a good PDA database, your company builds up a cook book of the physical requirements needed to perform the individual recipes of jobs in your organization.

Much to the dismay of our your ergonomist colleagues, PDAs typically are completed, then stored in a shared drive, or a filing cabinet. All of those great data are usually only used when a worker is hurt to determine if the worker’s functional abilities match up with the physical demands of the job. The MyAbilities system for digital job profiling aims to change that – creating a database of job demands which allows for easy interpretation of the demands of a job, and what demands impact which body part, at the click of a button.

To do this, we created the MyAbilities Demands Score. The Demands Score takes the frequency and magnitude of each physical demand of a job, and compares them to the rest of the jobs in our database. The MyAbilities database consists of 30,000+ job templates – spanning all industries and job types, providing a detailed look at what physical demands are required to perform a job. From this database, our demand score can give your workplace an idea of just how demanding a job is compared to the rest of your industry – or if you have your own database created – how this job compares to the rest in your organization. You can also use this demands score for proactive ergonomics interventions – what are your highest demand jobs, and what demands could be improved to reduce that demand on your worker?

MyAbilities looks to change our industry, but providing an easy to use, easy to understand, and detailed system for quantifying the working world. This is just the start out our journey – but we’re excited to continue sharing our advancements in the field with you as we continue to grow.