ROSA - Transform your workplace ergonomics

Alleviate Stress and Reduce Workplace Injury Risk with MyAbilities Rapid Office Strain Assessment (ROSA) Technology.

Improve Office Ergonomics

Office workers spend over two thirds of their day sitting at their desks.

This increases the risk of developing chronic neck, back and other joint pain and discomfort leading to reduced productivity and injury.

Reduce risk with fast & accurate assessments

Effectively satisfies up to 91% of needs

ROSA provides a digital and cost-effective solution to improve employee health and safety in the office.

ROSA quickly guides the employee through a self-assessment and shows the employee how to properly adjust their workstation and prevent discomfort and injury. Proven effective, ROSA is cited in over 100 scientific publications.

Healthier, reducing lost time by 44%

The Gold Standard

While other office ergonomics assessment software exists, none have been as widely adopted as ROSA. With 120 research citations from 21 academic institutions across 20 countries, ROSA is truly on the leading edge of self-guided office ergonomics technology.


Research Citations


Academic Institutions



Complete an assessment in 11 minutes

Step 1:

Invite Employees
Employees participate in self assessment of their workstations.

Step 2:

Self Assessment
They receive real time feedback for improving workstation setup.

Step 3:

Track Risk and Improve
Track participation, identify risk and get furniture recommendations.