Fewer Injuries.
Faster, Safer Return to Work.

MyAbilities: A return to work and injury prevention platform that drives high performance workplaces

Human capital intelligence you need

Looking for a better way to bring employees back to work faster and with less risk?
Need to lower your workers’ compensation costs, and laser-focus your hiring & training practices?
Is health and safety in the workplace your very top priority?

Get on board with MyAbilities, a software platform that brings you the critical job data you need to run a high-performance, low risk workplace. Our sophisticated software helps you ensure every employee meets the physical, cognitive and psychosocial demands of their job. And that translates into fewer injuries, lower costs – and a faster, safer and more successful return to work for everyone.

Prudence Rehab

An all-in-one solution to reduce workers’ compensation costs

Optimize your high-performance workplace with MyAbilities. It’s a system that allows HR and claims management leaders to take the reins on the following critical areas:

Reduce injury risk and related expenses

The MyAbilities platform allows you to match workers to jobs and flag risks to prevent workplace injuries before they happen. It also opens up new digital communications channels with your healthcare and insurance providers to share information, reduce costs and drive better, faster outcomes.

Five reasons your workplace needs MyAbilities now

MyAbilities can help your organization:

Expedite Return to Work  

Equip your claims adjusters and case managers with objective data on the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial demands of jobs (matched to employee abilities). With MyAbilities, you’ll be able to make smarter return to work decisions after injury or illness.

Reduce Injuries

Use digital job profiles to identify ergonomic risks that lead to injuries at worksites or work-at-home environments. Easily share data with your wellness teams to inform fit-for-duty strategies and programs.

Inform Hiring

Defend your hiring decisions while reducing recruitment and turnover costs. Our platform will help you ensure your employees meet the demands of their jobs while protecting you from federal and state liabilities through more compliant hiring practices.

Mitigate Risk

Get an enterprise-level view of job demands and risk exposure across your organization. With MyAbilities, you’ll be able to drill down by country, plant, location, division, and department.

Analyze Jobs

Access a pre-defined, digital database of 50,000 unique job titles — customizable for your business. Use our automated audit and analytics feature to flag high demand tasks requiring intervention. Best of all, you’ll reduce the need for costly and time-consuming on-site, in-person job analysis.

Boost Safety

Enhance training program effectiveness, increase worker productivity, and track functional performance over time to ensure every worker in your organization stays safe and fit for duty.

Expedite the Return to Work Today with MyAbilities.